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Following the success of the Online Fire Risk Assessment App used by UK Risk Assessors, it is now available to all Fire Risk Assessors. The reports generated by the App have been well received from both clients and auditors. The App has been developed by experienced Fire Risk Assessors and comprehensively tested to ensure that it delivers clear reports that are considered “suitable and sufficient”

Subscribers can log in here

Try the Demo

A DEMO version is provided for you to test the app. The DEMO version does not have the full database of questions but should give you a good idea of how the app works and see the quality of the report it produces.

Log in here to create a report using the DEMO App

User name: [email protected]

Password: [email protected]

User Guide

Reasons to choose this App

  • From only £25 + vat per month for one user
  • Professional reports with your logo
  • Comprehensive PAS79 based content
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
  • Constantly updated

What does a Fire Risk Assessment involve?

There are five key steps in a Fire Risk Assessment:

  • Identify fire hazards – eg, how could a fire start? what could burn?
  • Consider the people who may be a risk – eg, employees, visitors to the premises, and anyone who may be particularly vulnerable such as children, the elderly and disabled people.
  • Evaluate and act – think about what you have found in steps 1 and 2 and remove and reduce any risks to protect people and premises.
  • Record, plan and train – keep a record of what risks you identified and what actions you have taken to reduce or remove them. Make a clear plan of how to prevent fires and, should a fire start, you will keep people safe. Make sure your staff know what to do in the event of a fire and if necessary that they are trained for their roles.
  • Review – regularly review your risk assessment to ensure it remains up to date and reflects and changes that may have occurred.

Subscribers are able to:

  • Input all relevant information whilst onsite via a tablet.
  • Add supporting photos and produce a comprehensive report with your logo on the front.

The Subscription includes:

  • Unlimited use for one user
  • Ongoing support
  • Updates
  • Professional reports produced in pdf.
  • From only £25 + vat per month

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